Back to School Giveaway

Date August 08, 2023
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Le moment le plus merveilleux

of the year!

It’s time to go Back to School!

August is here, and Back to School sales abound. At Mercy Center, we help our children get ready for a new school year that is filled with promise. 


To help get them ready, each year we distribute backpacks and supplies that have been generously donated. If you would like to give them the materials they will need, you can join our “Back to School Giveaway.”

Back to School Giveaway

This year’s giveaway is scheduled for August 15th. If you would you like to help us, please consider donating a backpack, composition notebook or other necessities. As you may remember, there is nothing better than starting off the school year with new supplies – giving a sense of new beginnings and new opportunities. 

Here’s how to help!

If you would like to help, our wish list is available on Amazon.

Back-to-School Wish List

You can place your order and it will be delivered to Mercy Center.


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